Aankho Dekhi-Good to give Time….


With a good title, Rajat kapoor, again proved to make a good movie which takes you to the middle of the society.The philosophical movie tales the story of a common man who denies to believe in everything which he did not see himself.The lead played by Sanjay Mishra, who always gives his best to his character made the movie nice and watchable.

The movie revolves around the lead character Bauji(Sanjay Sharma), who is a middle class person who loves his family and tries to make everything correct.Rishi(Rajat Kapoor),also gives true colour to his role by playing the role of bauji’s younger brother.Rita(Maya Sarao),Daughter of Bauji,loves a guy ajju(Namit Das).The story takes a turn when rishi chacha and bauji goes to beat ajju, as portrayed as bad guy and not suitable for Rita.But after looking as ajju, bauji realizes that he was mislead and should not have beaten ajju.And then he decides not to believe in other’s statement until he sees the incident himself.Laagi nayi dhoop by Kailash kher gives a true colour to the story.Its a discent song which touches the heart of a common man.

The movie ends with a note that, the 85% of the thing we listen are not correct and we have to believe in what we see or experience.But at the end,when bauji jumps from the top of a mountain to feel the joy of flying, is the main thing to understand that if everyone would have told the truth, bauji would have lived his life.Now a days, society is not considering the emotion of the common man and goes on telling the lie to entertain themselves.

Coming back to the movie,its a nicely written and worth spending time for.

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