America paying more attention to India to be its best friend, says Sant Chatwal


New York, Sept. 27: The Hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal said here on Friday that America was lobbying to be India’s best friend now while earlier they used to pay more attention to Pakistan. Sant Singh Chatwal is an Indian American businessman, owner of the Bombay Palace chain of restaurants.

Chatwal also said “Prime Minister Modi has made a smart move: he visited Japan and Brazil and met with the Chinese Premier in India. Now America is a little concerned that India may know how to say ‘no’. Now they are lobbying to convince India to be their best friend. Earlier they used to pay more attention to Pakistan and India was ignored”.

“I feel really great and proud of being an Indian American. I have been living here for the last 37 years. So far, America has been neglecting India but now, with a clear mandate, can you imagine the man who didn’t have a visa, today, the President of the United States Barack Obama is eager to talk to him,” Sant Singh added.

He also said Compared to previous governments; the Prime Minister Modi-led government exudes the confidence because it came to power in absolute majority. So, there is no danger of coalition parties backing out over proposed legislature”.

“As Indian Americans, we are looking forward to a strong relationship between India and the US so that we can invest money in India. We can see a strong relationship economically. Already the stock market has gone up, India is growing and the rate of growth is really good,” Chatwal added.

PM Modi, who is in the United States on a five-day visit, had earlier called the United States a vital partner for India’s national development.

“I see the United States as a vital partner for our national development, drawing especially on the rich possibilities of partnership in education, skills, research, technology and innovation – and, above all, a shared commitment to human values. Working together, and with others, we can bridge the many divisions of our times and contribute to building a more peaceful, stable, secure, sustainable and prosperous world,” Sant singh added.

The PM also said that he was confident that his visit will mark the start of a new chapter in India, U.S strategic partnership and global partnership.

Formerly the American Government was denying issuing visa to Narendra Modi when he was Gujarat Chief Minister, now the same country is eager to be hug him with full hearted. Now it will be interesting to see how U.S deals with Pakistan its traditional friend.

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