Apple’s iPhone 6 may debut on October 14


Washington, August 1: If rumors are to be believed, customers may have to wait till October to get their hands on the latest iPhone 6 from the Apple family.

 The iPhone was earlier expected to be launched in September as it has been the month for the launch of all the previous iPhones by Apple for all these years, reported CNET. An unnamed source has hinted that the new mobile phone may hit the markets on October 14.

The source also added that although Apple may launch the iPhone in mid-October yet it is planning to introduce the phone at an event planned for September 16.

Apple has been launching the new iPhones in September for all these years because it enabled the company to add sales of a new iPhone to the September quarter which in turn boosted the financial results before the quarter came to an end.

The change in strategy may affect Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter results badly.

However, if Apple will launch just the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in October or the 5.5.-inch model as well is unclear.

After  iphone 5 so much success the company will be looking at it .

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