Blood Donation Camp On Son’s Birthday


Satyabrata Bhattacharya arranged a blood donation camp on his 3 years old son’s birthday. 4 years ago his mother died because he was unable to arrange 2 bottle blood.He can not forget that he tried hard but could not arrange blood. So he decided to arrange blood donation camp on his son’s birthday. 26 of invited people donated blood. Mr. Styabrata and his wife, Mita Devi (nurse of Ashoknagar municipality hospital) also donated blood.
Invited people who did not donated blood also praised for his great work. 2 years ago the invited people had also experienced of Hanufa Banur’s (DYFI leader) house at Bishnupur. On son’s birthday Hanufa Banu also arranged blood donation camp.

Mr. Satyabrata did not know all that. He told “I am thinking to arrange a blood donation camp. I was unable to arrange blood for my mother and she died. So I arranged this.” For this camp he contact with Barashat Cancer Research Center. They also cheer him.
A doctor of Barashat Cancer Research Center said “He did a great work.”

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