China’s Tianhe-2 is world’s fastest computer


Washington, June 26 : China’s Tianhe-2 has been named the world ‘s fastest computer for the third year in a row at the International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany.

The Tianhe-2 was developed by China’s National University of Defense Technology. Its predecessor, the Tianhe-1A, held the top spot on the supercomputer list in 2010, the Mashable reported.

Of the 500 systems on the list, 37 offer performances above the 1 petaflops range, nearly all of them use multicore processors, and 85percent of them are running Intel processors. As for the systems themselves, 36 percent are built by HP and 33 percent by IBM. Cray builds 10percent, the report said.

Overall, the United States has by far the most supercomputers out of the top 500 systems Overall, the United States has by far the most super computers out of the top 500 systems, with China in a distant second; the UK, France and Germany lag far behind.

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