Fire In A CTC Bus Depot, Kolkata


Big fire in kolkata city again. 7 bus burned in a bus depot at Belgachiya, kolkata. According to fire brigade the fire broke out early Monday at 3pm at the depot. Nobody injured in this incident.
Bus and Terms services were available from this depot. Police said, in the early morning depot worker first saw the fire and inform the fire brigade. At 4 am 2 fire brigade engine has reached on that place. But till that time fire has spread the bus and 1 part of depot already burned. The fire was under control in the morning at around 7am.

According to security, some bus driver stayed beside the depot. suddenly seeing the fire they moved away 27 bus. But before that 7 bus already burned. To here the news 3 ward no councilor Tarun saha has reached there. Police investigation going on.

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