Govt. to appoint judge to probe Snoopgate by May 16: Sibal


Kapil Sibal , Law minister on Friday , ask  “You will get a snoop-gate judge before May the 16th. I do not know why these people are so worried, why leaders of the BJP are worried and why they are making public statements that no judge should join this commission? Because they know for the fact that once the commission is set up there is no saving Narendra Modi. There is documentary evidence of what he has done; how he has snooped on the activities of a young girl. And you see, they set-up the commission in Gujarat immediately. It is really surprising that in Gujarat the chief minister who is sought to be prosecuted or sought to be investigation under such a commission sets up his own commission in the state seeking to probe himself by a appointee of his liking; do you think that case will ever move forward?”.

Sibal has no confident over the ability of the commission of inquiry appointed by the Gujarat Government to pursue Snoopgate 

“It will never move forward; just like the Nanavati Commission. Twelve years have passed; we have not got any report-this is really the track record of the Gujarat Government. So, we do not expect anything from the state commission. And, they are worried by the National Commssion set up by the Centre, and, I think, they should continue to be worried, because the commission will be set-up, and he will be investigated and brought to book,” Sibal said.

Kapil Sibal also added  “No-no-no, we had set-up the commission long ago much before the model code of conduct; this is only appointing a particular judge to the Commission; nothing to do with the model code of conduct”.

Earlier, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Arun Jaitley had said yesterday that he would be taken aback if any judge agrees to probe into Narendra Modi-led Gujarat government’s alleged illegal surveillance on a woman architect. (ANI)

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