Land Bill In Favour Of Farmers – Said Modi


At last Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened his mouth to protest for objection against land bill. He gave his argument through radio on Monday. He said land bill is good for farmers.

In a radio program  ” Mon ki baat”, Modi said ” Poor farmers in gut, opposition party spreading propaganda against this land bill . This land bill not against farmers.” This land bill will protect farmer’s life. Even for building industry this bill will help for their job and compensation. In many places farmers affected by heavy rain and hail. To mention this Modi said “Farmers in this difficult time , I ‘m beside them” and also assure that “government will help in every way affected farmers.”

Opposition party spreading that Land bill not in favour of farmers. With leading of Sonia Gandhi Congress speak out on the bill. With the ordinance made some amendent in this bill but opponents not showed their soft attitude. Rather they telling that BJP govt against to farmers. With leading of Sonia Gandhi they protest against this bill in front of Rashtrapati Vaban.

Modi claims “The original concept of the Land Acquisition Bill is actually 120 years old.”  He said “Several amendments were needed to put the bill again .”

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