List of some Bhakts and Das In Indian Media at present


Now a days if you are following news channels and online news closely you will start to feel that  this particular channel & website is supporting BJP that one is supporting congress  and bla bla .journalist are running now political agendas of political parties .

Suppose you take the example of Arnab Goswami  he always gets trolled on social media as bhakt and many guest on his own channel have termed him as a BJP Supporter . Also When you will see his debate you will find that he is not doing journalism he is doing something which we still need to research .

Barkha Dutt , She is always a BJP hater now we have the same question how can a journalist  do this . Barkha Dutt    spoken publicly that she hates BJP you can get the links on youtube  also got trolled many time on social media as DAS  .

sudhir chaudhary  , He also gets trolled on social media as bhakt  along with Zee News colleague Rohit Sardana  .These two journalist  also have made a image of BJP supporters  which you can also find in there panel discussion shows .

Rajdeep Sardesai  ,  He is termed as Das on social Media and you will also find his always a BJP hater attitude in his Panel Discussion . He always start with 2002 Gujarat riots and ends with the same as there is no other topic in India to be discussed  .

Ravish Kumar  , He is also termed as Das and he  always keep an Anti BJP stand in his panel discussion on NDTV .

There are many more like Sagarika Ghose , Rajat Sharma etc. which we can add in the list .

IAMBLOGGER  always oppose this kind of biased journalism & journalists . We at  IAMBLOGGER   always believe in journalism which will benefit our society and Nation .


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