Local Administration did not give any assistance to IAF Mi-17 V5 martyred’s family


On 8th Oct 2017 when Dead Body of Martyred MWO Anil Kumar Singh, who sacrificed  his life on 6th Oct 2017 in IAF Mi-17 V5 crash along with 6 others at Arunachal Pradesh,  arrived at his native place there was no support from Local administration .  Local administration was busy in doing arrangement for Shrimad Bhagwat Katha getting Organized by Local MP Rajeev Pratap Rudy at a distance of 5 Km  away from martyred home. A helipad was made for landing of governor of Bihar Satya Pal Malik ‘s helicopter at a distance of 300 mt away from Martyred  home  but when martyred’s family requested for landing of there helicopter which was carrying MWO Anil Kumar Singh’s dead body at the same place they were denied by local administration to do so without giving any valid reason . At last Air Force was forced to land there helicopter at chappra from there martyred body was carried via military truck to his village Mubarakpur , Marhaura DIST: Chhapra  . Air Force did the last right with full dignity which a martyred deserve but local administration along with MP  Rajiv Pratap Rudy was busy in some other world when Son of Mother India sacrificed his life while on an Air Maintenance mission . local MLA  Jeetendra Kumar Rai who was living in his own dream world also did not bother  to visit Martyred home . Villagers slammed these people bothered to come here when they have some political benefit in doing so .


At Last Villagers of  martyred  who used to see him as an inspiration get very angry on local administration and local MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy  and they did road blockage to break the kumbhkarna sleep of these people .At last when MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy understand that he did a big mistake than at last  he came along with DM ,SP   to visit  martyred home and did the political drama every politician doing now a days .

Many People were gathered  to attend the last rites of the Martyred MWO Anil Kumar Singh as they want to pay there last respect to person who always kept his nation ahead of his family . Martyred MWO Anil Kumar Singh joined Indian Air Force in 1984 .

Lt. MWO Anil Kumar Singh survived with his wife Mina  and two sons Anup , Anuj and  daughter Anupama .


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IAMBLOGGER request Bihar chief Minister Nitish Kumar to pay attention on the matter and to do something which should keep inspiring peoples to respect our soldiers .

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