Mumbai Stampede : Suresh Prabhu ignored multiple warning tweets from Bandish Satra‏ (An Indian Citizen)


Mumbai : Ignorance is prime duty of our Netas and Govt. Officials  .A new thing is coming out in the case of Mumbai stampede incident due to the overcrowding of the bridge near Parel-Elphinstone station in Mumbai. Indeed, An Active Indian Citizen  Bandish Saita (@BandishSatra) had warned  the railway ministry about this over bridge already on Twitter. The person had tweeted about this matter in February in which the then Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu was tagged .From his Tweets everyone can understand that he even bagged from ex Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to take some action to stop the incident which occurred on  29 September 2017 .

These are the warning tweets done by Bandish Saita (@BandishSatra)

Date & Time  :

@sureshpprabhu Sir, I would like to seek ur urgent intervention to the daliy overcrowded situation of Parel central line railway overbridge

@sureshpprabhu serious risk of stampede and loss of lives at parel station overbrige leading to exit towards elphinstone

Date & Time  :

@sureshpprabhu request your intervention in getting a new railway overbridge constructed at parel station leading towards elphinstone exit

Date & Time  :

@sureshpprabhu  At last stampede has happened today. Had highlighted the problem long back but no action. Really sad situation..


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