Punjabi film ”Kaum De Heere” increases contoversy

The administration on Thursday banned the arrival of dubious Punjabi film Kaum De Heere on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s death on Friday referring to fears of peace issues in parts of the nation.

The choice was taken all in all by the I&B, home ministry and the Central Board of Film Certification in the wake of viewing the film. “We saw the film and concluded that it won’t be released tomorrow,” CBFC Chairperson Leela Samson reported after survey of the motion picture on the premise of proposal by the home service.

“As a result of the lawfulness circumstance that may come about because of the indicating of the film and focused around the service of home issues report, the home service, the CBFC and I&b authorities have concluded that,” she included.

The home ministry had communicated reservation and genuine concern over the substance of the film and asked the I&b service to take a re-look at the freedom given to it.

In a correspondence to I&b service, the Home Ministry said the film may influence the shared concordance in Punjab and other northern states.

Home ministry told I&b service that a portion of the content in the film was “profoundly shocking” and may make animosity in the middle of groups and lead to collective pressure.

Sources said the film, which is supposedly focused around the lives of the professional killers of the late head administrator – Beant Singh, Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh – praises their demonstration.

The Punjab units of Congress and BJP have requested a boycott on the dubious film.

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