Who is responsible for the condition of IRAQ?


KOLKATA,21st june 2014: This is a very sorrowful movement for all of human being because ISIS ( a group of terror) has captured many people and killed them.  Not only This Group killing the people who belongs to the another country but also they  killed many citizen of IRAQ. There are many people of another country who went for doing the job in IRAQ have been captured by the group of ISIS. It is considered that minimum 40 people of India are facing this problem and the government of India are trying to release them. China have already saved minimum 1500 people who were working in IRAQ.

Is this a humanity that people of china and India or any other country are trying to save only the people who is belonging to their country. According to my point of view there are many developed country in all over the world if they want to save the people they can do it easily but they are not taking any action.

Our main point of view is that who is responsible for the Bad condition of IRAQ

1. Saddam Husein

2. George W. Bush

3. The whole world who is silently watching the bad condition of Iraq…….

When America was there for destruction than why they are not taking any action now.In my view America is 40% responsible for this condition.

IAMBLOGGER wants to know who is responsible?????



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