Reward for ‘missing’ Rahul Gandhi at Amethi


With Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi extending his leave of absence from politics, posters with the Gandhi Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, announcing a reward for their ‘ missing ‘ MP because his leave of absence from politics.

“The posters are put up in Amethi town, market, railways station and schools, but Rahul Gandhi has not been found anywhere said  ” Hari Krishna Shukla, a resident of Amethi. He also said “The roads are filled with potholes, there are no facilities in government hospital for the patients, rapes and murder are increasing, maybe his Special Protection Group (SPG) or his mother will help us find him.”Another resident, Rajesh Kumar Dwivedi, said that the posters are up so that the Congress vice-president’s constituents know that he is ‘safe’.

“These posters are absolutely correct. Rahul Gandhi had said that he will come every month.In one year he is suppose to stay in Amethi for 65 Days. We have been waiting since January, February, and now its March, We want to know if Rahul Gandhi is safe or not. We want to talk to him “he said.

In the Delhi assembly elections in February, Rahul Gandhi took a ‘leave of absence’ from active politics to ‘reflect on recent events’ and the ‘future course’ of the party.

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