Sonia Gandhi advises Modi to read history

sonia gandhi

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is giving lectures about corruption as if he is the only honest person in the country, and advised him to read history of India.

“Narendra Modi is lecturing nowadays as if he is the cleanest them all,” she said while addressing a rally in Muzaffarpur.

She also said that the opposition is beating the drums that nothing has been done by Congress-led UPA Government in the last ten years.

“I want to ask them to read little bit about the history. Where, after independence, India was used to be considered as one of the most backward nations of the world, today it is counted as one of the most developing country,” she said.

“In its 67 years of rule since Independence, Congress made many sacrifices to uphold unity and integrity of the country and initiated many pioneering steps to take it on path of progress,” she added.

She also said that it always has been the policy of the Congress to ensure that the backward classes and regions are progressing, and that the benefit of development in the country reaches to everybody.

On the issue of corruption, Sonia asked, “If this was so, why did Congress bring Right to Information (RTI) which has highlighted so many corruption cases?”

She said it was the Congress which took constructive steps in curbing the corruption in the country.

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