Speakingtree got trolled on social media for there Pseudo-Secular post

Speaking tree

As we all know Media groups now a days run the Agenda of political parties on there channels ,newspapers and wherever they can  . In the similar fashion TOI groups spekingtree.in put a controversial post on there facebook page and get  brutally trolled by some of the facebook users .

TOI groups spekingtree.in  make a post on there FB page

Muslim artist builds tallest, 100ft bamboo idol of Goddess Durga; sets world record!

The simple Reply from some fb user

Preety Singh  : Still u mentioned it ..   

Fb user

Shoma Sarkar :Why can’t we say an artist built huge idol of Durga instead of using Muslim built or a Christian artist built isnt it funny

fb user2

Vipul Goyal : Yet you were able to mention the religion in the headlines .

fb user3

We have learnt a lot of word in recent times one of them is Pseudo-Secularism .so This post from TOI groups spekingtree.in is perfect example of Pseudo-Secularism .

If anyone have some doubt than they can vist https://goo.gl/JmAoiq


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