Turbulence due to terrorist attacks in Pakistan

pakistan attack

24 hours passed after terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Foyjalabad, Gujranowala, Sargodha joined to protest with Lahor on Monday. To bring the situation under control Punjab govt sent extra police force. But they still could not prevent the death. Two people were killed in the protests. To bring the situation under control police use Tear gas. Yesterday police arrested 17 people for bombing. It is known that 16 people died till now.

Yesterday because of two blast in two church at Youhanabad (Lahor) public became anger. At time arresting two people a group of people attacked the police force. For bomb blasting police submitted a FIR against Taliban and also for two murder charges. For this situation 1000 police were deployed only in Youhanabad (Lahor).

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said “The scope of activities of the terrorist , we have controlled”.

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