Water on Mars

water on mars

Where will find the water? Was a big question for Mars Spacecraft “Mis Curiosity”. At last may be found the answer. NASA scientist claimed that they find source of water on Mars. Which may be source of life.

The Story was started 350 years ago. A big Meteorite hit the Mars and made a huge whole. Today which is called “Gayl Creater” by the Scientist. In this whole wake up a 3 mile height “Sharp Mountain”. It is known by some information that this mountain has made with “Sedimentari Rock”. The mountains made By the scratching of Tectonic Plates or clotting of Volcano Lava and Sedimentari Rock can not be stay on that Mountain. So this is Clear that This mountain is made by river Sedimentari Rock.

NASA scientist John Grotjinagarera said ” Who knows may be there were a lot of lake instead of that mountain”. According to information on “Mis Curiosity”  in foothill of “Sharp Mountain” there are  lot of frozen mud and Mineral Materials. Which only can be made by water.

In the year 2012 on August,  Mis Curiosity spacecraft reached on Mars. With It’s information NASA scientist claimed  Gayl Creater was a big lake. Till Now this spacecraft traveled 6 miles and sent more that ten thousand image.

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