Today the day should be known as “THE MOURNING DAY” in cricket history. After losing the T20 world cup which was beyond anyone’s thinking when team India arrived today in India and in chandigarh outside Yuvraj Singh’s house thousand of people gathered and threw stones on his house. People should understand how much he has contributed. Because of his effort only India won the t20 world in 2007 and how can we forget his contribution in Odi world cup 2011 in which he has also got the “THE PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT ” award. we can see how one off day can make a hero to zero but we should also rermember that if a team wins it is due to team effort so if a team losses the reason for the loss cannot be on one player. According to my point of view in the first ten over Rohit Sharma and Virat kohli where also not able to time the ball nicely and so was with Yuvraj and the srilankan bowler were also bowling in right areas. we should not blame yuvi for his slow inning we should encourage him for doing better after recovering from cancer. I think that yuvi will soon come back in his old form and he will come back strong. the people should think that its a game and the team who will play good cricket will win. we should not do such things by which the popularity of cricket comes down.

SACHIN TENDULKAR:”I have been an admirer of Yuvi’s indomitable Spirit which has overcome many challenges, both on and off the field,” “Knowing Yuvi’s determination and ability to fight adversities, he will emerge stronger, proving his critics wrong, yet again.”
“Yuvi, one off day cannot undermine your tremendous contribution in many sweet memories over the years. You may be down today but you are far from being out.”


M.S.DHONI:”Look, you need to understand that fans can be angry but they can’t be more disappointed than the individual who is out there in the middle. As a player you don’t want to do badly in front of 40000 people. You don’t want to drop catches. But off-days happen. And it can happen with any athlete. May be it was an off-day for him (Yuvraj).

KEVIN PETERSEN: Yuvraj Didn’t Deserve This Unwarranted Criticism
HARBHAJAN SINGH:From 1st 19wc to natwest to 2007t20 to 2011wc. Find me a player who has done so much in big matches. 1 bad day n we become so bitter.

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