58 new trains proposed in Rail Budget 2014


New Delhi, Jul 8 : As many as 58 new trains, including five new ‘Jansadharan’ trains and an equal number of premium group of trains have been proposed in the Rail Budget presented by Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda today.

In his Railway Budget speech, the minister indicated that most new projects would be done via the public-private partnership model. He also emphasized on exploring alternative sources of resource mobilization and not depend on fare increases alone.

Here are the highlights:

58 new trains to be launched.Bullet trains on special sectors, beginning with Mumbai-Ahmedabad route.Semi Bullet trains for Delhi-Kanpur, Delhi-Agra, Chennai-Hyderabad, Nagpur-Bilaspur and Delhi-Pathankot (with speed up to 160 km/h). Mumbai to get 860 state-of-the-art additional EMUs.Introduction of 5 jansadharan, 5 premium, 6 AC, 27 express, 8 passenger trains, 2 MEMU and 5 DEMU services.special trains for pilgrims circuits. Special lines to link pilgrim sites.

Wi-Fi services to be introduced at all A-class stations.Office-on-wheels: Internet and workstation facilities on select trains.Mobile based wake-up call & updates for all passengers.Online booking facility of railway retiring rooms will be extended to all stations.Ready-to-eat meals to be introduced in phased manners.Propose to introduce ready to cook food from popular brands to improve quality of food served on trains.RO drinking water units to be introduced at stations and in trains on an experimental basis.


Narendra Modi said the Rail Budget presented in Parliament by Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda shows where his government wants to take India through the railways as it focuses on strengthening institutional mechanism, transparency and

“Congratulations to the Railway Minister for presenting a futuristic & growth oriented budget. It is a budget for the common people,” Mr Modi tweeted.

“It is a realistic, comprehensive and an honest account of ills of management of Indian Railways over the years that pushed the transport life line of the country into deep difficulties. It conveys government’s fresh thinking about quick completion of projects languishing over decades through prioritized investments for better returns on investments,” Naidu said.

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