No alliance can save ‘mother-son’ govt., says Modi in Maharajganj


Reiterating that the Congress Party-led UPA-II regime’s time in power was up, BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that no alliance could save the “mother-son”-led government at the Centre now.

“The Congress has accepted defeat even before the results are out. The time is up for the mother-son government,” said Modi during his second rally of the day at Maharajganj in Uttar Pradesh.

He re-emphasised what he had said at his first rally of the day in Domariyaganj that the toil of the lower castes was the key reason for those living comfortably elsewhere.

“Abuse me if you want, but don’t abuse and insult the lower castes. I ask all of you is it a crime to be born in the backward caste? I may be from a lower caste, but don’t play low level politics. Is it a crime to sell tea? The Congress taunted me for being a tea vendor. Yes, I have sold tea, but I have not sold the nation,” Modi said.

“For the first time, this country is going to have a government run by people who have come from poor backgrounds

Earlier in Domariyaganj, Modi called on the Election Commission to have the courage to act against those people making casteist remarks against him.

Addressing a rally here in support of BJP candidate Jagdambika Pal, Modi pulled out the caste card, and said leaders of the Congress Party have consistently hurled casteist abuses at him, and that it was the duty of the Election Commission to rein them in with punitive measures.

He said that “I might be from a backward or lower caste, but I don’t play or promote a low brand or level of politics.This country has moved beyond caste and communal politics and its youth want development. Those living in palaces must realize that its due to the hard work of lower caste people like us that they are living comfortably.”

He also said that there was no point or purpose in Hindus and Muslims fighting with each other, and urged both communities to fight a common problem-poverty.

The BJP prime ministerial candidate is to address a third rally in Salempur, Uttar Pradesh, before addressing a rally in Delhi with the use of 3D technology later in the day.

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