Armed American drones flying all over Baghdad


Baghdad (Iraq), June 28 :Armed American drones have been position over Baghdad th capital of Iraq to give extra security to 180 U.S. military advisers in the area in last 24 hour.

CNN quoted U.S. officials, as saying that all drone reconnaissance flights over Iraq are unarmed, but added that they could be used for offensive strikes against the insurgent Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil) subject to approval from President Barack Obama.

American and Arab diplomats have been further quoted, as saying that the United States is unlikely to undertake any military strikes against ISIS or Isil and its allied fighters before a new government is formed in Iraq.

President Obama has promised Iraq the aid of 300 U.S. military personnel to advise and train Iraq’s security forces after a near collapse in the face of the lightning ISIS advance in northern and western Iraq.

But there have been no U.S. airstrikes, something that Iraq’s military commanders have said is desperately needed.

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