Bangladesh overreacts loosing QF


23rd March,Kolkata: It has been month of cricket, world cup 2015 is in the last phase, four teams New Zealand,South Africa , Australia and India storm into semifinal.Meanwhile Bangladesh lost to India in quarter final at MCG, knock-out from the tournament, came hard to them. They are finding hard to accept the truth, it became the national news when their Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made statement that their team lose because of biased umpiring decision.She said, “We would have won if the umpires did not give wrong decisions. Inshaallah, Bangladesh will win in the future. Bangladesh will become world champions someday.”.
Mustafa Kamal, ICC president joined the national protest, “If needed, I will resign from the ICC. Speaking as fan, it appears to me that it (ICC) has become Indian Cricket Council. There needs to be an investigation. A result was forced on us today.”
Overreact of Bangladesh is unnecessary, they lost the QF to India by 109 runs,they should show some maturity and avoid making such baseless statements.
Bangladesh Fans are trying to consolidate themselves by blaming India for lose. Bangladesh should accept the fact that they were not good enough to beat India.
Bangladesh Tigers are playing cricket for 18 years but they consider themselves as new team but unable to to perform as they are suppose to in world cricket.
New teams like Ireland, Afghanistan are developing very fast as compare to Bangladesh, they will be far ahead if Bangladesh does not focus on developing quality of rather than blaming others.

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