Buyer Claim period will be 180 days from 45 days in Paypal now


Giving more priority tho the buyer paypal decided to extend it’s claim period for the buyer protection .It is said that it will give more boost up to the customer .It’ll really enhanced security for the people those are getting cheated by fraud peoples .As we talk with some paypal user they said that this rule is good for the buyer but some buyer can take unfamiliar advantage .

Chandan said “Now buyer will get extra advantage of not being cheated but there is another side effect of seller being cheated by bad customer.”
while AJit said “It will not affect my business but will create problem to new sellers .”
Ramesh said “This is frustrating news .”

What’s new?

Increased claim period
Our Buyer Protection claim period for tangible items will be extended from 45 days to 180 days, which is now inline with credit card chargeback schemes. This means your customers will have more time to make a claim, giving them more confidence in shopping with you.

Non-genuine items
If a customer has received an item that is confirmed counterfeit, they may not be required to return the item to receive a full refund.

Custom made orders
Our Buyer Protection policy covers custom made orders, if the item is not received by the buyer.

Buyer Protection policy will be effective from 18th November 2014.

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