“Controversial turns Uncontroversial”- IT Act Sec 66A


Finally the controversial law “Information Technology Act 2000”- an act of Indian Parliament (No 21 of 2000) enacted on October 17th 2000 which allowed arrests for offensive content online has been scrapped by the court, making a big victory to Shreya Singhal, a young law graduate and the first to challenge the Act in Supreme Court.

According to Shreya;-

One shouldn’t fear upholding his voice on any concern just because he or she could be imprisoned, as every citizen of India has a Right to Freedom of Speech.

A law has to be for the people, it’s a big victory for free speech in our country.

She also claimed that this victory was for those people who didn’t use their agenda to incite public hatred, or disrupted law and order, as Sec 66A turns invalid and vague, where no one could be arrested at least under this particular section.

She too said that this law was being used intentionally by politicians in BJP & UPA Government to harm the Freedom of Speech & expression of people, which imprisoned quite a number of people who didn’t  even expressed their concern that incited public hatred, or disrupted law and order.

Howsoever her concern is also that one shouldn’t defame anyone or create a hate speech, as there are other ITR act & IPC act provision where one may be put behind the bar, if used wrongly.

She is finally happy with the verdict of Supreme Court turning Controversial IT Act-66A Uncontroversial by making it invalid and vague.

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