Finally comedy king Kapil Sharma got secretly married



And here’s news that will break many hearts. Kapil Sharma has secretly got married to this Bollywood actress.  Reports say that Kapil and the actress were dating since the past two years and they hid it from the media.

Comedy king Kapil Sharma, the most favorite popular comedy superstar nowadays. With his growing popularity he consider a jewel in the industry of Bollywood. Naturally and many people do secretly love him.

Kapil Sharma’s previous girlfriend got married to someone else lately and hence Kapil Sharma finally decided to get married to her secret girlfriend. That’s why this actress is missing from films and public appearances lately.

Not only Kapil has a great fan following, even he got many proposed from Bollywood actresses on his show.

It is known that Kapil went  on a honeymoon last night with her. He will be back in a month’s time.

Here’s are pictures from Kapil’s honeymoon revealing his wife. We wish the newly married couple a very happy married life!

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