Inconsistent Rohit Sharma


Rohit Sharma continuously have been an inconsistent player in team India but Rohit Sharma is getting extra and extra chances day by day. I really don’t understand why the selectors are blindly trusting on him. How can the selectors go with a opener(Rohit Sharma) whose average is less than 40 in odi. Everyone believes that Rohit Sharma is a god gifted player so according to me Rohit Sharma will only perform when god will say. Some people say that Rohit Sharma is the the next Sachin Tendulkar but comparing Rohit Sharma with Sachin Is very shameful thing for whole of the country India.

If the selectors are asked why Rohit Sharma is not dropped the answer is always the same that he has talent. After that my question is that when he will show his talent at the age of 52 or 62 ???????.everybody is blaming Yuvraj Singh for the loss in t20 world cup final 2014 but I think Rohit Sharma played slowly any hardly some runs were scored in the first six due to which the pressure was on the middle batsmen to come start hitting from the first ball which was impossible. So Rohit Sharma is a big question mark on India team and the selectors must also give chance to those player who perform not to those who have talent but can’t perform.

BY:Aman Yadav

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