Sachin led MCC won against Warne’s ROW


MCC 200th Anniversry was filled with every colour as masters from all over the world have shown there class.Sachin Tendulkar fans got chance to see Sachin playing his masterstrokes all over again .Tendulkar  Scored 44 with the help of 7 boundaries before being clean bowled by Murlithran .Tendulkar  also get a wicket while bowling of Yuvraj Singh who played brilliantly  and scored 132 of 134 balls.First while batting Row was outclassed by Ajmal(4 wickets for 45 in 10 overs) and one time they were on 68-5 before being rescued by Paul collingwood(40 of 64 balls) and Yuvraj SIngh and some late fire by Siddle .(33 of 32 balls). Tendulkar was looking very happy in this match whether he was bowling or batting .For MCC the opener have given a great start .Aaron Finch who plays masterclass and single handily win the match for MCC with 181 of just 145 balls with the help of 23 fours and 6 sixes .

The God given us the chance to see The God again…………..

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